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November 13, 2012
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~*Warning*~ This is a lemon. A bad one at that. 0-0 It’s non consentual. This means there will be sex….well….rape. So….yeah….

Sometimes you hated what you had become. You had always been strong and possessive, generally possessive but this life was not you. Your once (e/c) eyes were now a dull red color. Your pupils slightly dilated from the darkness of the night.

You sighed and turned your head upwards. Thick clouds covered the moon, making the night even darker. You didn’t mind the darkness. Due to your new powers you could see perfectly fine in the blackness that enveloped you.

You breathed in deeply the light breeze of the night. On it carried the scent of something different. You tilted your head and closed your eyes, the smell intriguing you. Generally the people you hunted all had the same smell. The smell of greed and hate. This smell was different. More innocent, more friendly. It smelled sweet, like Christmas candy mixed with something even sweeter, like chocolate.

You smiled to yourself, an actual smile for once. You generally wore a smirk, you never smiled because you were happy. You were a hunter, a coldblooded killer. What reason would you ever have to be genuinely happy?

You leapt from your perch in a tree near the edge of the town, your dark cloak billowing as you dropped lightly to the ground. You had to find this person. Had to know why they smelled so good. You followed the wondrous scent to the nearby graveyard. You furrowed your brow, why would they be found in such a depressing place?

You gazed across the area, it seemed this graveyard had been in existence for quite a while. Tombstones were cracked and the ground was uneven, mostly dirt. A thick forest stretched out behind the eerie area. You walked forward, curious.

The clouds parted the slightest bit, letting the moon shine through. The silver illumination shone on the boy. His hair was light blonde. He was turned away, so you couldn’t see his face. He was wearing a white hat and had on a dark green coat. He was standing in front of a grave, flowers in hand. You moved closer as you watched him place the offering on the grave.

Curiosity overwhelmed you, so you didn’t notice when he turned. You flinched when you finally snapped from the daze and heard him take a step closer to you. You flinched and shrunk back. Generally people saw you and knew immediately what you were, they were afraid and would run or try to attack. This man didn’t seem to notice.

The blonde extended his hand, brown eyes sparkling. “Hei. I’m Tino. Do you have any relatives in this graveyard?” He asked with a thick Finnish accent.

You blinked and slowly extended your hand to his. “I’m ___.” You responded. “And no, I know no one here. I just saw you here and decided to friendly. It’s awfully cold outside tonight. Are you cold?” You asked, fake concern in your voice. The hunger inside you was growing, pressing, burning. No matter how sweet this man smelled, no matter how innocent he was, no matter how much you fought it; you still couldn’t control the hunger that boiled within you and the monster took over.

You smirked, though Tino only saw it as a sweet smile. “Here.” You purred, taking off your cloak and pulling the Finnish man closer to you, draping the heavy cloak over him. You hugged him close to your body, inhaling the warm, comforting scent of him.

“Uhh…Ahem…” Tino gasped, surprised by the sudden embrace. You didn’t move, and he didn’t seem to be too assertive.

“I’m sorry.” You almost sang. You pulled back but kept your hands on your shoulders. “You’re so cute, little Tino. You’re trembling. Are you sure you aren’t cold?” You asked, your red eyes dancing in the silver light.

“N-no. I’m not cold.” He stuttered, shivering at the look in your eyes, finally making the connection. “D-don’t hurt me!” He whimpered, closing his eyes tightly,

“Give me credit, dearest Tino. I wouldn’t hurt you. You aren’t like the others. You don’t smell bitter, like hate. You smell…different.” You breathed, taking your right hand and running it gently over his cheek. His cheeks lit up a light pink color and he tried not to look terrified. “You smell….good.” You whispered into his ear.

Tino shuddered and tried to pull away. “I’ve got to get home!” He said frantically, twisting and trying to break free of your grasp on his shoulders.

“You can’t leave!” You hissed, eyes flashing and nails digging into his shoulders. You pushed him forward quickly, backing him into a tree near the edge of the graveyard. “You’re too precious for me to pass up on.” You smirked seductively as you leaned upward and pressed a quick kiss to his lips. “I’m going to have fun with you.” You giggled manically and moved to kiss his neck.

“St-stop it! Why are you doing this?!” He wailed quietly, trying to get away. “Get away from me!”

You pressed closer and held his arms tightly to the tree behind him. “Stop fighting me.” You hissed. You held his throat in your left hand, with the other you gripped his arm. He gasped for air, still struggling. Not wanting to see him hurt himself you quickly leaned forward and attacked his neck. Your fangs sunk into the pale flesh and blood exploded in your mouth.

“Mmm….” You sang against his neck. You knew he felt it too, your prey always felt it. You smirked against him when you felt him tense up.

“Stop…” He cried, thought he pulled you closer. The euphoria you were creating for him was controlling. You could tell he was trying hard to fight back, but he was losing a battle with himself.

“But you like it.” You said simply, still drinking the prized red liquid. The rapture of it was also getting to you. You had never felt the effects of it, only your prey ever felt it. Everyone else was just food to you. Nothing more. Except for Tino. He was making you feel something you hadn’t felt since you were a human.

Oh how badly you wanted to stop, to hold the Finnish man closely and not let go. To assure him everything was okay and that you wouldn’t hurt him. But you couldn’t. You had already lied to him, you were hurting him right now and no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t stop. The monster inside of you was holding back the humanity. You couldn’t even control yourself anymore. If you could have cried in this state of mind, you would have. But the monster was unable to feel emotions.  

You slowly pulled away, licking your lips. “That was fun, hmm?” You asked. You pressed your body closer to Tino’s and deeply inhaled his glorious scent.

Tino shook his head, still dazed from the loss of blood. “N-no…” He whimpered, though his body told a different story.

“You’re lying, Tino.” You giggled, running a hand down his side.

“Stop it…” He groaned as you ran your hands all over his body, stopping at the bulge in his pants.

“You’re saying no, but your body says yes.” You chuckled, pulling his jacket off and pushing your cloak from his shoulders.

Tino just shook his head, trying to hide the blush that was escalating on his face. It was delightful the way he was acting. His soft blonde hair, the fear in his bright brown eyes, the way his cheeks lit up red with your actions; it was all too amusing to you.

“You’re adorable, Tino.” You hummed merrily as you worked on getting his shirt off. “You’re blushing!” You giggled; the sweet look on his face was killing you. Even in your daze of blood lust you still thought Tino was cute.

 He couldn’t hide the tiniest of smiles that played at his face. Whether it was from your actions, or the severe fright of the moment that made him scared, you couldn’t tell. It wasn’t like you cared either way, his face was endearing either way.

"Lopeta....please stop…” he said, closing his eyes and frowning, the blush on his face ever prominent.

“But you like it.” You murmured, running your cold fingers over his chest. Tino trembled at your touch, more from fear. He didn’t want this. He couldn’t do this. He closed his eyes tightly, hoping that if he opened them again he would be at home and Berwald would be glaring at him and telling him to wake up.  But when Tino opened his eyes he almost cried, you were still in front of him. Red eyes blazing, mouth twisted into a smirk, and (h/c) hair being lifted in the gentle wind, making you look even more ominous.

“N-no! Leave me alone! Get off me! Gyaaahhh!” He yelled the last part when he realized you had pulled his pants off. Tears formed at the corners of his eyes but he refused to give you the satisfaction of seeing him cry. The lustful monster still help control of you, but deep inside it panged you to see the poor man reduced to this.

“I’m sorry, I’m a bit overdressed, aren’t I?” You asked, dancing a tiny bit as you stepped closer to him. “Why don’t you help me get this pesky shirt off, hmm?” You asked, pressing your nose against his and using your hands to guide his to your shirt. His hands were shaking as he slowly pulled the shirt over your head, mostly with the help of you. He was only afraid of what you would do if he didn’t obey you.

“This is moving too slowly.” You growled and shoved him to the ground, crawling over top of him as he struggled to sit up. “Now now, Tino, there’s no reason to stand up. It’ll be easier down here.” You laughed lightly and worked on getting your pants off.

Tino turned his head away; he refused to look at you. His hands were in fists at his sides, his eyes shut tightly, his jaw clenched, and yet the blush was still on his face. How did he get in this predicament? How could this be right? This couldn’t have been happening. No, he had to be dreaming. There was no way this nightmare could actually be happening.

You traced a finger along Tino’s jaw and made him face you, your other hand trailing along his side. “Tino, it’s no fun if you don’t look at me.”

Tino sighed deeply and slowly opened his eyes. At this point you were completely naked; the only thing separating the two of you was his boxers, which you quickly got rid of.

“Well isn’t this amusing?” You mused to the blonde. “You act like you hate it, but you’re obviously aroused.” You smirked and giggled as the Finnish man writhed beneath you, grunting and moaning as he tried to get away.

I don’t feel like waiting for you to do something. You’re just going to lay there and shake, aren’t you?” You sighed. “Oh well. It should be fun either way.”

Tino gasped as you let your hips fall onto his. The feeling of you around him was surprising and new. “St-stop.” He gasped out, it sounded like a sob. “Ungh…” He groaned as you began to move, not listening to him at all.

You moved your hips up and down in a slow and gentle rhythm. “Does-Doesn’t it fe- feel good, T-Tino?” You groaned out, trying to move faster.

By this time the tears were trying desperately to fall from his eyes but he wouldn’t let them. “N-no…please….stop…let me…..go…” He gasped out.

“You d-don’t like it?” You asked, you took his hands and placed them on your sides. “You can’t say you don’t.” You whispered out, still moving on top of him. Even you had to admit that it felt good.

Tino gripped your waist tightly but he didn’t move. He just closed him eyes tightly and tried to hold back the sobs. He would never admit that what you were doing did feel good, but it was supposed to. How could it not?

You  shoved your hips down, moaning in pleasure. “Ti-Tino. Am…I…ungh…Not….ooh….ple-pleasuring….uhh….you? Engh…” You cried out in pleasure, eyes closed from the sheer euphoria.

Tino shook his head and whimpered as he felt the coil in his stomach building. The bliss of the moment was getting to him.

“I know you’re close, Tino.” You growled, moving quicker. “Just let go. You know you want to~” You half-sang, half-growled, slamming your hips back into his, causing the brown eyed man to gasp out in pleasure.

“N-…no….NO!” He yelled as he let himself go. He shuddered and let out the sobs he had been holding back. Tears cascaded down his face as you moved off of him. He quickly shuffled backwards and sat up, pulling his knees up to his head. His body shook with sobs.

The monster inside of you that came with the blood lust slowly faded away as you watched him. You felt a pang to your heart (Not literally, because yours no longer beat.) “…T-….Tino?” You asked, moving slowly over to him.

He flinched but made no attempt to move. His sobs increased as you spoke. “Tino…what have I done?” You whispered, mostly to yourself. You didn’t understand what had happened. You were out of your stable mind when you had done what you had, but you didn’t think Tino would understand that.

“J-just… Go.....go away….please….” He whimpered, his voice strained and tired. He sounded defeated in every single way. He took his head from atop his knees and looked at you. His blonde hair hung in his face, his brown eyes that had been so cheerful when you two met were now clouded and dull. Tears stained his pale cheeks but he didn’t seem to care that they were there.

You had never felt emotions for humans, but something about this one made you feel something and it killed you to see him like this and know you had done it to him.

The Finnish man continued to cry, hoping you would just leave. He was afraid he would try to trust you and you would just hurt him again.

“Here…” You muttered and gently draped the cloak you had previously discarded over his shoulders. “I…” You began but you just shut up and got dressed. You knew it was hopeless. You had ruined your chances of getting close to this man. You had let the monstrous desire within you obliterate any chance you had of actually finding the humanity left in your soulless body.

You picked up the little white hat Tino had worn earlier and placed it on his head. “It’s…” You began but cut off. You wanted to tell him it would be okay, to pull him into your arms and stroke his hair. To rock him gently and let him know that everything would be fine, that there was nothing to be afraid of, but you couldn’t. Not after what you had done.

You felt your throat get tight as you watched his body tense when you placed the hat on his head. Never had you felt such regret in all of your existence. You patted his shoulder a little and went to sit a few feet away.

“Tino….” You said ever so softly. He looked up at you then and pulled the cloak closer to his body. Fear was evident in his eyes. He was scared, and he felt powerless.

Tino’s dull eyes met yours. “What…” He said, though he voice was soft. “Are you done…torturing me?”

You frowned and slowly nodded just the slightest bit. “I’m sorry. I...was…” You began but you just stopped talking. There was no way you could explain it to this man. You had destroyed him, he was forever afraid now. His sobs sounded pitiful. He sniffled and tried in frustration to wipe away the tears. He was usually so cheerful and strong, but you had broken him.

You hadn’t realized you were crying. You hadn’t cried in so long that you had begun to think it was impossible. Tino’s sobs were heart-wrenching. You watched as he sniffled and frantically tried to wipe the tears away. When he stopped fighting the tears and just continued to outright sob, you broke down yourself.

Tino must have heard you because he looked up at you. “Wh-why…are you...crying?” He asked between sobs.

You shook your head quickly and stood up. “Nothing….I’m leaving…I…yeah.” You said, trying to hide the emotion in your voice.

Tino nodded and watched as you left, his body still shaking with sobs. You didn’t look back as you walked away, you couldn’t. But if you had turned around you would have seen the hopeful brown eyes of the Finn follow you hopefully, you would have seen his mouth open as if to call out to someone; and you would have seen him pull the cloak you had left with him closer around his body.
Story (c) :iconmeplz:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) You

:iconsulkplz: What the hell did I write? My gosh...I'm a horrible, horrible person....I'm so sorry Finland >< comment....and stuff....
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