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October 15, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
-*Warning*- This is a lemon. This means the story is themed around sex. If you do not like that kind of thing then please don't read it. Thank you~

You stared out at the dark night sky. The clouds were rolling in, lightning flashed across the sky. Distant thunder rumbled and tried to catch up with it. You shuddered; a cold draft was coming in from the window so you grabbed a blanket. That was when you heard a soft knock at the door. Angrily you threw your blanket on the floor.

"What?!" You yelled angrily in the direction of the door. You knew your anger was misplaced, but you didn't care. You also knew this would run the late night guest away; you just wanted to be alone. You turned the knob and flung the door open quickly, already preparing to yell at whomever it was that had come to disturb you. Your anger quickly escalated when you came face to face with a tall albino with a goofy grin on his face.

"What is it Gilbert?" You spat at him.

"I just zought you'd vant some awesome company of AWESOMENESS!" He yelled, his smirk getting wider.

You narrowed your eyes and promptly slammed the door in his face. "I'm not in the mood for your crap." You grunted, rolling your eyes even though he couldn't see you. "It's late anyway. Go home."

"Come on! You can't resist zis awesomeness for too long! Come on frau! Let me in!" He yelled back, pounding on the door.

You sent a death glare at the door, willing the sky above to strike him with lightning. After a moment you realized he wasn't going to leave. (Well, he might, but that would just end with him breaking in your window and you couldn't afford the damages.)

With a deep sigh you walked over to the door. It was no use being angry, Gilbert was oblivious to it and you would just end up giving yourself a headache. You opened the door and felt him rush past you and flop down on the couch. He had been over to your house quite a lot, often with his brother Ludwig. You sent a glare his way as you closed the door and walked to where he was, but you would never admit that you actually did enjoy his company. Something about the arrogant albino man intrigued you and you had felt yourself falling for him for a while now.

"Where's Ludwig?" You asked, sitting on the couch beside him as if it were natural for Prussians to show up on your doorstep late at night. Yep, it was completely normal. Not weird in the least. Okay, yeah, it was weird, but you honestly didn't care.

"Eh." He said with a shrug to show he couldn't care less. "He's out with Feliciano, vat does it matter as long as ze awesome me is here?" His smirk widened; his dark red eyes alight with mischief. They danced and tempted you, luring you closer, willing you to fall into their crimson depths.

"Hey, are you daydreaming about ze awesome me? Kesesesese! You vere, veren't you?! Ha! I knew it! ____ is turned on by ze awesome me!" He boasted loudly, laughing and grinning foolishly as he did.

You just rolled your eyes, trying to deny the fact that he was attractive. "What is it, Gilbert?"

"I asked you if you vanted to vatch a movie vith me, but you vere obviously too busy staring at my awesome body to notice. Kesesese."

Again, you rolled your eyes, a blush spreading across your cheeks. How could you have ever fallen in love with this arrogant Prussian? But how could you have not? Everything about him made you smile and love him all the more: his silver hair looked so soft, begging you to run your fingers through it; his perfectly pale skin made you want to touch him even more; his dark crimson eyes captured you and dragged you into a blissful dream. You even loved that little yellow bird of his that showed up occasionally.

"Hey! _____ is daydreaming again!" He yelled, grabbing your shoulders and lightly shaking you. Your faces were now only a few inches apart, causing your blush to escalate.  

"Uh…yeah? What is it?" You stuttered, scooting back a little.

"I asked if you vanted to vatch a movie vith me. I brought zis movie zat I stol- borrowed from that American guy." He smirked, waving the darkly colored case around. Red letters caught your eye but you couldn't read them with the way Gilbert was waving the disc around. Before you could answer him he had jumped up and shoved the disc in the DVD player, pressing play and plopping back down beside you on the couch.

He smirked as he put and arm around you and pulled you to his side, causing you to gasp. You blushed even more but didn't protest, leaning your head against his shoulder as you watched the beginning credits fade off the screen.

The beginning of the movie was pretty boring, nothing really happened. You were just beginning to doze off when you heard the characteristic, loud, creepy, music. Your eyes snapped open and you jumped when you saw the monster pop up suddenly on the screen. The suddenness of it scared the heck out of you, causing you to involuntarily move closer to Gilbert and bury your head in his shoulder. You clutched at his shirt and whimpered.

The rest of the movie wasn't as bad. You had never been too afraid of horror movies. The ending was very cheesy, all of the main characters died and the monster continued to haunt random people every full moon. A quick glance at the window confirmed your fears, it was a full moon.

Gilbert got up and yawned, stretching. "Vell I guess I'd better be going. I just vanted to-" He began before you jumped up and lunged for his arm, clinging to it tightly.

"Don't leave me!" You whispered frantically, glancing around the dark room quickly. That was the thing with horror movies for you; they never scared you when you were watching them. In fact, they were generally funny when you first watched them. It wasn't until afterwards, when you had to go to bed, that the movie had any effect on you.

"You can…uh…spend the night here if you want to…." You stuttered, embarrassed for asking this of him.

His smirk returned and he put a strong arm around your shoulders, walking up the stairs with you. "Of course I vill stay. Who vould turn down such an awesome offer?" He grinned, his eyes twinkling in the moonlight that was filtering through the windows.

You couldn't even argue with him as he followed you into your bedroom, you were too afraid of "the monster" to let him out of your sight.

"I'll make up a place for you here…" You began but trailed off when you noticed he had stripped to his boxers. "Wh-what are you doing?!" You asked, dismayed as your whole face turned red. You were thankful it was dark so he couldn't see.

"Vat do you zink I am doing? I'm not going to sleep in my clothes, liebling."  He said, chuckling lightly at your embarrassment as he climbed into your bed, pulling the covers up so they came up just to his waist, showing off his pale chest in the light the filtered through the window.

You pressed your lips tightly together and quickly changed into your night clothes, slipping awkwardly into the bed beside him. You knew there wasn't actually a monster out there, but your nerves told you otherwise. You didn't really want to sleep in the same bed as him; but you shivered at the thought of sleeping in another room, away from his safety.

Gilbert watched you carefully as you got in bed. His hands behind his head and his lips twisted up in a smirk. "You had better hurry up, before ze monster under ze bed comes out and gets ya." He chortled, watching as you quickly pulled the blankets up to your nose.

You glared at him from over the edge of the blanket. "I'm not scared or anything. That would be ridiculous. There's no reason to be-" Just then a loud clap of thunder rattled through the room, causing you to involuntarily roll over and press your face into Gilbert's chest.

"Kesesese~ It's just zunder, ____." He smiled, wrapping his arms around you. You weren't afraid of thunder either, but like the movie, the suddenness of it terrified you.

You took a deep breath but you didn't move away from him. His smooth skin against your face, the way his arms felt around your back, the way he smelled, his warmth, all of it was too much to move away from.

He seemed stunned that you actually wanted to stay in the embrace because he suddenly stiffened up.

"Vat is it, Gilbert? Zis is just a hug." You smirked, mocking his German accent with a smirk.

He huffed and pulled you into a tighter embrace and pressed his face into your neck. "Don't mock me, frau." He said, nipping at your neck. The feeling of it sent shivers down your spine.  

"Vy not? Zis is fun." You reply, giggling as he planted little kisses on your neck.

"Because it sounds so good ven you say it, liebling." He growled against your skin.

"But…zis is fun." You said as innocently as you could, running your fingers through his platinum hair. So it WAS just as soft as it looked. "Am I arousing you, Mr. Beilschmidt?" You sang merrily. You loved the way he was getting just from your teasing voice.

Lightning suddenly illuminated the both of you. Gilbert's eyes flashed in the storm. A fire raged out of control in them, flickering, tempting, begging to take the plunge and give in. To just let go and fall.

He quickly flipped you over on your back as the thunder caught up with the lightning. He smirked down at you; his eyes were intense and sent a shiver of anticipation through your body. He growled as he leaned down and kissed you softly, trying to hold back the soldier inside of him.

You quickly responded and kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck and tangling your fingers in his hair. The atmosphere quickly became more heated. As the storm raged on outside, so did the storm inside.

Gilbert stroked his tongue along your bottom lip and you didn't hesitate to permit him entrance. He quickly claimed the newfound territory and began to battle your tongue. It wasn't much of a fight; it ended in both of your tongues simply dancing with each other.

He tasted like alcohol, but he also tasted good. You wanted more. You tilted your head, still gripping his hair, for better access. You were both panting when the need for air became too much. Gilbert pulled away and began to trail kisses down your jaw and neck. You moaned and moved your hips upward involuntarily, feeling a hard bulge in the Prussian's boxers.

Gilbert quickly realized you were overdressed and made short work of your night shirt and pants, leaving you in nothing but your panties. He continued his assault on your neck, licking and nibbling at a soft spot on your collarbone. You were beginning to get frustrated with his teasing at your neck, so you quickly pulled his boxers off.

You felt the blush return to your face as you looked at him. He was certainly no "5 meters" as he so often claimed, but he wasn't small either. He growled against your skin and pulled off the remaining article of clothing that separated the two of you from becoming one. Lightning flashed again and you pulled Gilbert closer, wrapping your legs around his waist.

"Gil…" you moaned out as he positioned himself. He looked at you for permission. His dark red eyes were clouded over with lust; his cheeks had a light pink dusting on them. He was waiting for your signal.
You nodded and he jerked his hips. Sharp pain tore through your body, causing you to gasp as tears formed in the corners of your eyes.

"Engh…liebling…" He groaned out, resisting the urge to start moving right away. Instead he leaned down and placed butterfly kisses on your face and jaw, whispering sweet nothings in German to take the pain away.

Soon the pain subsided. You shifted against him experimentally and felt a wave of pleasure wash over you.  "Oh…" You moaned out as thunder rumbled and rain beat against the window. Lightning flashed once more, illuminating the two of you locked in a passionate embrace.

"Unh…" He grunted as he pulled almost all of the way out and thrust back in. The thunder quickly followed the lightning and shook the room, causing Gilbert to increase his pace.

You moaned and whimpered as he sped up, going faster and deeper.  He grunted and panted with each new thrust. Lightning flashed again, closely followed by a loud clap of thunder. The loudness of it made you shudder under Gilbert, making him thrust into you rougher.

He jerked his hips up quickly, his movements becoming sloppy. "Ugh…____..." He moaned out, gripping your hips and thrusting as hard as he could into you.

"Gilbert~" You whispered, groaning as you tried to match his pace.

"Mmm….say it again…" He moaned out in ecstasy. "It sounds….so good….ven you say it….like zat." He growled, biting at your neck as he continued, ever nearing his release.

"Gilbert…" You said, a bit louder now. The rest of your words were cut off as thunder rumbled across the sky.

"Come on, liebling, yell it." He demanded, holding your hips tighter. "Ugh…_____.....ugh…." He grunted, closing his eyes in the pleasure.

Lightning flashed again, followed by a rumble of thunder. The rumble was drowned out by the two of you yelling as you climaxed.

"GILBERT!~" You yelled, wrapping your arms and legs tighter around him.

"________!" He yelled just after you. His face contorted and his whole body shook as he released himself inside of you.

He panted heavily as he pulled out and tried not to collapse on top of you. He lay down beside you and pulled you close to his chest as lightning flashed across the sky once more. You snuggled into his chest, still trying to catch your breath. For a moment the only sounds besides the rumble of the storm were the two of you panting.

Gilbert smirked and shakily kissed your forehead. "Zat vas awesome, huh?"  He asked, smiling down at you, his eyes were half lidded and clouded over.

"Yeah….I love you, Gil." You murmur into his pale chest, snuggling even closer to him.

"Ich liebe dich auch, mien liebling." He whispered in your ear as the both of you drifted off; even the storm couldn't wake you.

~*Ze Next Morning*~

Gilbert woke up with you in his arms, so thankful he hadn't just dreamt of it. With a wide smirk he jumped out of bed, not even bothering to get changed, and picked up the phone, quickly dialing a number he had memorized.

"Ja, ____, vat is it?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Hey Vest! Guess vat?!" Gilbert yelled into the phone happily.

Ludwig sighed deeply and rubbed his temple. "Vat is it, bruder? And vy are you at _____'s house anyvay?"

"Vell, me and ____ just had awesome sex last night, SO IN YOUR FACE! SUCK IT LOSER!"
Hetalia © :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story © :iconmeplz:
1st Paragraph © :iconmagicktouchbassist:
You © :iconprussiasparklesplz:

Well....this is.....Um...I don't even know what to say.
MagickTouchBassist started me off by talking really dramatically and I was typing what she said. So pretty much the whole first paragraph is her. So thank you.

I can't believe I wrote this. Ahh.....

If you like it, PLEASE comment. I love comments, I eat them for breakfast. They fuel me.
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