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August 20, 2012
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You walked briskly down the sidewalk to your friend's house. Russia had invited you over to "play a game, da?" it had been a question, but you really couldn't say no….even if you wanted to. The chilly wind whipped your (h/c) hair around you as you walked up the stairs to the front door of the Russian's house. You pulled your scarf closer to your neck as you waited for the door to open.

Estonia answered the door and his eyes widened. "Oh! H-hello there _-____! You're here to pl-play with us, r-right?" You couldn't help but notice he looked a little scared. What the heck kind of game were you going to be playing?

You walked in quickly to get away from the wind and Latvia kindly took your coat and scarf. Lithuania peeped around the corner and joined the three of you in the foyer. Lithuania smiled as he trembled and shook your hand. "H-hello." You blinked and smiled back warily. The trembling of these three was beginning to scare you a bit. Yes, you were afraid of Russia most of the time, but he could be fun….right?

"Hello~?" you heard the Russia ask from the other room. You couldn't answer before you felt three pairs of hands pushing you into the living room.
Russia smiled from his cross-legged position on the floor. "Oh, koot! ____ is here! You vant to play now, da?" He asked, patting the carpet beside him with his left hand.
You didn't have to see them to know the Baltic States behind you were trembling. You heard Latvia whimper something about running away and living with Germany. You dismissed their nervousness as being normal and went to be beside Russia.
Russia smiled at you from your right, Lithuania was trembling to the right of Russia. Estonia sat to your left, looking nervous and Latvia's eyes seemed to beg you for help.

"Heh..." You sweat dropped a little and turned to Russia. "Um…so what game are we playing?" Your gaze traveled across the circle. You almost laughed when you realized the last time you sat in a circle to play a game. Certainly the big Russian man hadn't invited you over to play Duck, Duck, Goose?

"Um, Mr. Russia, sir, you didn't tell Ms. ____ what we were going to play? It's very rude of you to invite a lady over to play such a stupid game….You boss everyone around and you have no consideration for others; maybe that's why no one wants to be around you."

You, along with Lithuania and Estonia, freaked out when he said that. Your jaws dropped and you feared for the spacey little country. Estonia had a "What is wrong with you?!" look on his face that mirrored the look of horror on Lithuania's face. The whole room got deathly quiet and everyone slowly turned to Russia. A dark purple aura had formed around him and he smiled his signature, childish grin. He muttered a "kolkolkol" as he pulled a gun from his large coat.

You couldn't even think as Russia pointed it at Latvia. Lithuania jumped back in pure terror, Estonia yelled out the younger country's name in horror. You finally collected yourself and, with a death wish in mind, lunged for the gun. The three Baltic States jumped back as they watched your hand grab for the revolver.
Russia looked surprised for a moment, and you knew he was going to shoot you. You were caught off guard when he smiled and handed you the gun.  

"Ze sunflover is fery eaker to play zis kame, da? ____ vould like to ko first?" Russia smiled and pressed the revolver in your hands.

You stared down at the the gun, still a little confused.  "I don't understand…" You began, and then it clicked in your head. "We're playing Russian roulette?!" You knew you should have run when you had the chance. "This is a joke…right? A joke?" You looked around desperately but Russia seemed serious, or about as serious as he could be with that creepy smile on his face.

Lithuania nodded slowly at you, a look of pity on his face. Your eyes darted to each of the three countries; they all shared a look of fear and sympathy for you. You turned back to Russia as he nodded, making a gun with his fingers and pointing it to his head. "In zis kame you point ze kun at your het and pull ze trikker. Zer is only one bullet in ze kun. Let's see who fints it~." Russia seemed to think this was funny because he laughed quietly and his smile got a little wider.

Your breathing quickened as you slowly brought the gun to your temple. Your eyes were still darting around, waiting for someone to jump up and laugh and say that this was a joke. You weren't really going to play this game. You bit your lip to keep from whimpering as you slowly brought the gun to your head.   You were hyperventilating when the cold metal touched your skin. You shut your eyes as if that would somehow take away the fear, but it really made it worse. Your finger fumbled with the trigger, sweat making it hard to even hold the gun. Your hand trembled badly, the only was to steady it was to press it harder to your temple. You swallowed and took another breath as you pulled the trigger.


You were sure you were dead. You let out a long breath and dropped the gun in your lap. Russia smiled happily. "Conkratulations. You are not tet." he said with his hand out for the gun. You didn't even feel sane enough to think of anything sarcastic to that. Your arms were like Jell-O when you let the gun fall from your fingers to his hand. He kept smiling, his purple eyes closed in joy as he pointed the gun at his head. Before you could even recover from your own turn Russia laughed "Caboom!" He called out joyously had pulled the trigger. Click. You almost cried at that, how could he joke and be so cheery when this was life or death?! Did he care about his well being at all?!

Lithuania dropped the gun twice before he was actually able to hold it in his shaky hands. He clenched his jaw and his eyes squinted shut as he put the gun close to his head and pulled the trigger. You sighed deeply as you heard another click. Lithuania seemed to melt as he shakily handed the gun off to Latvia.

Latvia breathed deeply and pressed the metal to his head. Tears formed in his eyes and his hand shook badly. Estonia's brow furrowed as he watched Latvia hold the large revolver with his small hands. Lithuania seemed to be still dazed from coming close to death, but he too looked scared for Latvia. The smallest of the Baltic states closed his eyes to hold back tears as he pressed the revolver to his head. Click. You let out another deep breath as Latvia let his tears spill over. You smiled weakly at him, glad he was okay but you couldn't really cheer just yet. The game had to end eventually with one unlucky soul.

Estonia pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and held the gun as tightly as he could with his sweating hands. Estonia was usually the luck one of the three but his hands were shaking pretty badly as he put the gun to his head.


You were happy for a moment that Estonia had gotten lucky as well, before you realized what that meant. It was your turn again. There were only a few more chambers that could be left. The odds were really against you. You took a deep breath and laughed a little. "Um, I just remembered I have something I really need to do." You said hopefully.
Russia smiled and put a heavy hand on your shoulder. "Your turn vill not take fery lonk. Your somezink can vait just a little lonker, da?" You whimpered silently, so much for getting out of this game. You took a very deep breath and, in what seemed to be slow motion, placed the gun to your head and pulled the trigger.

Click. Never before had you heard a noise so wonderful in all of your life.

Russia eagerly grabbed the gun. As like his turn before, you didn't have time to think or take a breath before Russia pulled the trigger. Another click signaled his chamber was empty. Only two more left…

Lithuania was shaking, sweat making his hair stick to his forehead. His hand was shaking badly and he had to steady it by pressing the revolver closely to his head. Even then the barrel jerked side to side. Lithuania took three deep breaths through his mouth and squeezed the trigger.


Lithuania looked thrilled, his eyes widened and he smiled. His thrill only lasted a second before he realized what that meant for Latvia.

"Oh no…" You said aloud as the gun was slowly handed to Latvia. Russia continued to smile but Lithuania and Estonia had gone pale. Your eyes filled with tears as you watched the small nation sob quietly.

"Th-this is th-the last one." Latvia cried miserably. "I-I don't want to die!" His gaze darted around the circle for any sign of hope. Estonia looked as if he was going to cry as well. He called Latvia's name quietly. Lithuania shared Estonia's expression and put his hand over his mouth to hold back little sobs. The three countries never had been very close but none of them wanted to see the young Latvia die like this. The room seemed to be filled with sorrow, but Russia just continued to smile.
Latvia shook violently as he raised the gun to his head. Tears were now streaming down your own face but you couldn't look away. Estonia and Lithuania had scooted farther away from Latvia, making the small boy cry harder as he pressed the cold metal to his head. Latvia sniffled and closed his eyes. You could see him biting his lip hard to keep back any noises. You choked back a sob as you watched him try to pull the trigger, his whole body was shaking so violently that it must have been impossible for him.
The noise bounced around the room. Everything had gone extremely quiet. No one dared to move, no one said a word, no one even breathed. The only noises you could hear were the soft sobs of Latvia. Suddenly you heard the Russian man beside you start laughing childishly. "Oh. Zat is right. I forkot to put a bullet in zat gun. Silly me." He said, flashing one of his scary smiles.
Still, no one said a word.
The gun wasn't loaded….

The gun wasn't loaded.

Everyone turned and looked at Latvia, he was hysterical now. He was still crying, the gun held limply in his hands.

"Vould anyvone like to play akain?" Russia asked, pulling out another gun and checking the chambers. What else did he have hiding in that giant coat?!
You didn't wait around to find out. "No thanks! I have something really important to do, Jack will be really mad if I don't get home soon!" Your words were rushed and seemed to be smushed together as you jumpedup. You didn't even bother to grab your coat or scarf as you darted out of the door.
Story :iconmeplz:
Hetalia :iconhimaruyaplz:
You :iconrussiasparklesplz:

:iconmagicktouchbassist: helped shove me into writing this after I thought up the plot. Thanks for getting me off my lazy butt to write this.

Do NOT try this at home.

Note~ Jack is whoever you wish him to be. In my case, he is my dog. XD Reader could also have made up a name so she could run.

Please comment. :3 Comments make my day and I feel like 1 comment is equivalent to 5 faves. I love feedback because it helps me know what I'm doing right/wrong and inspires me to write more. So comment! X3 :iconyayrussiaplz:
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Sleuthelle Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013   Artist
Listening to Russian Roulette (Rihanna) while reading these will give you the feeling that you are actually doing this... HOLY DYAIHNHI (don't ask...) I will only play this game if it's with a cap gun and that's still freaking dangerous... (I used to have a cap gun and it caught fire from shooting it one time... they use actual gun powder that's been compressed...)
PhoenixShadow920 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I've actually never heard that song. :iconsweatdropplz: But yeah I play it with a nerf gun. XD Still pretty scary. 
Sleuthelle Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013   Artist
My nerf gun isn't like a revolver or pistol... It's more like a gun Switzerland would use...
PhoenixShadow920 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Sleuthelle Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013   Artist
Yeah... but it isn't a shotgun-like one if that's what you're thinking...  It's... weird....
PhoenixShadow920 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
O-o link an image?
Sleuthelle Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013   Artist… because my 3DS takes very low quality pictures, I found a picture online and the only difference is the bullets are orange-tipped.
PhoenixShadow920 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer's like a...pistol thing on steroids? 
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